JAMES SAINTÈNE, your social worker in independent practice

James Saintène is a social worker and member of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ).

With a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Social Work, Mr. Saintène has many years of experience in mental health and homecare.We offer a wide range of services for customers with reduced autonomy, mainly seniors. He has worked with clients experiencing a wide range of social problems, including mental disorders, addiction and substance abuse, behavioral disorders, loss of autonomy related to aging and physical and motor impairments, abuse and mistreatment, cognitive disorders, dementia, stroke and head trauma.

Available 7 days a week, he offers you his expertise for a psychosocial assessment with a view to the homologation of a protection mandate and the opening of a guardianship. Based in Laval, this expert offers his services in Laval, Montreal, Lanaudière, Laurentides and even Montérégie.

Our services

A variety of intervention methods

Interventions are based on systemic, bioecological and structural intervention approaches. Psychosocial intervention focuses on people’s strengths, skills and resources, enabling them to regain control over their difficulties (empowerment). The psychosocial assessment is carried out in the environment of the incapacitated person, in collaboration with those close to him or her.

Psychosocial assessment for the implementation of protection and representation measures: homologation of protection mandates, opening of guardianship and temporary representation.

It offers a methodical psychosocial assessment to support the process of applying for homologation of a mandate of protection. The appraisal report is drawn up and forwarded to the appropriate party so that the application can be accepted by the competent authority.

Individual intervention

Psychosocial assessment can be carried out as part of an individual intervention. We provide a healthy environment that complies with current health and hygiene regulations, ensuring that you are perfectly looked after. The confidentiality of information transmitted or collected is also guaranteed.

Family intervention

It guarantees you the possibility of family follow-up in the event of difficulties in managing your children's adolescent or other crises. With advice and methods that have proven their effectiveness, calm and harmony will soon return to your family cocoon.

Psychosocial assessment is reserved for social workers who are members of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et thérapeutes conjugaux du Québec.

Psychosocial assessment is a clinical, methodological and reflective approach that includes a professional opinion on the person’s inability to make decisions, and the impact this has on his or her social functioning, hence the relevance of the systemic and bioecological approaches favored by the social worker.

Psychosocial assessment for the implementation of protection and representation measures is necessary when a person is incapable of making informed decisions for him/herself and for the management of his/her property, and needs legal protection and representation.

To homologate a mandate of protection, we need a notarized letter (affidavit), a medical report confirming the person’s incapacity and a psychosocial assessment report written by a social worker. A copy of the mandate must also be provided.

  • Documents required.
    Before starting the process with me, you must ensure that you have the following two documents in your possession: a medical assessment confirming the incapacity, and written confirmation that a jurist (notary or lawyer) has been mandated in the proceedings.
  • Service contract.
    I’ll give you a contract to sign, specifying the services required and the related fees.
  • Evaluation meeting.
    The assessment of the person’s incapacity is carried out in his or her living environment to determine his or her autonomy and need for protection. In order to obtain all the information required for the assessment, the client, his family and, if applicable, the treatment team will be consulted.
  • Drafting and submission of report.
    Following this assessment, I will carefully draft the final report, which will be given to the adult being assessed, the applicant and the notary or lawyer in charge of the proceedings.
The target clientele is :

Adults (18 and over) unable to care for themselves and manage their property, suffering from intellectual disability, mental illness, cognitive disorders, degenerative disease (e.g. Alzheimer’s), stroke, head trauma, loss of autonomy, reduction or loss of functional abilities, etc. A psychosocial assessment for this type of clientele is offered for the homologation of a protective mandate, the opening of a guardianship or temporary representation (protective measures and judicial representation). Assistance is also available. We also offer an assessment of the social functioning and needs of this type of clientele, to help us set up services and resources. The basket of services also includes referrals to community resources and the public health services network. Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!


Qualities that make all the difference

Quality service

With many years of experience, he has the necessary skills to guarantee your satisfaction. We offer a warm welcome and personalized service.

Listening to customers

It places the human person at the heart of its activities. That's why listening to customers is a culture that enables us to better understand and serve them.

Customer tips

He remains open and generous in his advice to customers. This is part of the company's commitment to customer well-being.

Follow-up and support

Committed to a job well done, he provides you with strict follow-up and support. Together with his staff, he makes sure that your requests reach the authorities. Support also includes analysis of the impact of the proposed strategies, with the aim of improving them and proposing better ones.

A social worker open to all

He is available to welcome you. Just ask for an appointment and that’s it.

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